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Kentucky Medical News Taps Scoppechio Healthcare for Marketing Insights

Scoppechio Healthcare’s Jen Roberts sat down with Kentucky Medical News to share tips and insights on hospital marketing challenges.

“Hospitals and health providers face different challenges when it comes to marketing,” explains Roberts. “Healthcare marketing is inherently personal – and incredibly tough to measure.”

Roberts also adds that a significant opportunity for growth lies within the digital space.

“Clinical care is remarkable – look at the health technology that we have,” she says. “For some reason, though, we are slow to adopt advanced technology for marketing. The world of digital is not a fad – it is a new tool for marketers though – so embrace it.”

The full article can be found here: http://www.medicalnews.md/healthcare-organizations-face-tough-marketing-challenges/

For more information or for access to Scoppechio Healthcare’s Digital Education Series, contact Jen Roberts, 502-214-3047 or jen.roberts@scoppechio.com.

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